Welcome to my new space! Posterous shutting down was just the kick in the ass I needed to start fresh. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted with any regularity and I miss it. But I’m a bit bored with talking books all the time, so I’m going to mix it up more, starting with my new project….CrossFit!

Those of you who know me IRL probably think I’m joking.  My usual nightly routine involves the couch, a glass of wine (or three)  and a good book (okay, sometimes reality tv instead of the book). But since I’ve turned 40 and I’ve decided I don’t want to die anytime soon, I’ve accepted the necessity of exercise.  Plus I’m sick of my husband being in such better shape than I am. He’s been doing CrossFit for years, and just got his trainer certificate. He’s been raving about our local “box” (CrossFit has its own secret language; for example, the place where you work out is a “box” not a gym) and gently but persistently urging me to give it a shot. So when he emailed me a link for bootcamp a couple of weeks ago I decided to make him really happy and I signed up before I could change my mind.

Bootcamp is pretty crazy (in a good way). It’s a month of 45-minute sessions every weeknight. Though the sessions are short, they are intense.  They get harder each night, and you do a great variety of workouts, combining cardio and strength training. I’m going to document my bootcamp here.

Day 1 – you want me to do what?

The first night they had me doing push ups. I hadn’t done a push up in 20 years. It was pathetic. I mean, seriously pathetic. And it really made me realize I needed to be there.  I gamely did my push ups and squats and tried not to think about how sore everything would be the next day.

Day 2 – in which I try not to barf in front of everyone

The second night we did our “warm up” (what they call a warm up is what I would have considered a great exercise routine).  Then we did the real workout—five reps of 80 skips, 20 squats, and 10 assisted pull ups. For time (that means we are competing). I’m pretty competitive, so I really went at it. We all managed to finish in under 13 minutes, which was awesome. But I came so very, very close to barfing all over the floor.

Day 3 – I can barely move my arms

Everything hurts.  I strongly consider playing hooky. But Sean urges me to just pace myself and  not worry about everyone else.  Tonight’s workout is push ups (hell, again!) knee lifts and superman lifts. This time we are counting the number of reps we can do in 20 minutes, and I don’t pay attention to anyone else. I do just fine and don’t feel like barfing at all.

So, that’s the first three days. It’s really hard work, but I’m feeling good and I’m  proud of myself.  I like the gym—CrossFit gyms or “boxes” are not like regular gyms. They are very industrial, with wide open space, and not a mirror in the place. It is completely unpretentious and I really like that. There are only three other women in my bootcamp group and they are great. My trainer, Julie, is awesome. She even manages to scold me about watching my abs in an encouraging way!  I’m doing this thing.  Will update again soon!julie-crossfit