Well, where do I begin? What a long absence. I now have not one but two languishing blogs (my mom blog hasn’t been updated in a year).

I have excuses–a lot has been going on! Back in July I left RH for romance headquarters. I’m having a blast. We have a terrific, large digital team that doesn’t have can’t in its vocabulary. I love that. I’m also working on the Carina Press acquisition team, which I adore. I’ve been reading at least one submission per week for CP, which is digging into my reading time (but in a good way).

I have done a little outside reading lately. Here a few of my recent faves:

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

I’m a big Cormac McCarthy fan, and this is reminiscent of Blood Meridian with a funny twist: a sensitive cowboy! Very witty and fresh.  And don’t you love the cover?

The Antagonist by Lynn Coady 

I devoured this in two sittings. Both funny and sad, it’s a sensitive, engrossing epistolary coming-of-age story with a thought-provoking examination of how people are judged on appearances—and how they adjust their behavior based on this judgment (lots of food for thought for this mother of two).

I’m currently reading Steve Jobs (halfway through) and Amy Lavender Harris’ Imagining Toronto for the Vicious Circle book club. Loving both, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

And what have you been up to? Is there anyone still reading this blog? Bueller?