Happy belated Canada Day, everyone.  I had a lovely long weekend full of swimming pools, ice cream, mojitos and, of course, reading. I found myself a perfect summer read in S.J. Watson’s delicious debut,  Before I Go to Sleep. 

Christine wakes up every morning in a strange bed with a strange man.  Every day, that man, her husband Ben it turns out, explains she had an accident two decades earlier that destroyed her ability to retain memories.  Not knowing anything about herself for certain—whether she has borne children, if she was happily married—Christine starts a journal to try to piece together her identity. As her entries grow, she begins to formulate the truth, and has to decide if she can trust the man upon whom she is so dependent.

A high-concept thriller, Before I Go to Sleep is everything I want in a summer read: well written, page-turning, suspenseful and intelligent.  Think Memento meets Eternal  Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  And speaking of movies, Ridley Scott has already acquired the film rights.  

Now I need some summer reads from you—what are you taking to the beach these days?