I am blessed to belong to not one but two fabulous book clubs. They couldn’t be more different—one is  comprised of very bookish industry folk, and the other of old friends whose conversations often devolve to topics I can’t repeat here (actually, that is starting to happen in the bookish club too as we get to know each other better!) But they are both absolutely wonderful, and those meetings are the highlights of my month.

So, I resolve to start doing regular book club recaps here, starting this month.  The Vicious Circle is meeting at my place in a couple of weeks to talk about Jamie Zeppa’s wonderful Every Time We Say Goodbye. I really adored it, and I’m anxious to see what my vicious cohorts have to say.

Next month, This Ain’t Your Mother’s Book Club also meets at my place, and we’re going to talk Alice Munro in honour of her 80th birthday on July 10th. I agonized over which collection to assign, and in the end I went with The Love of a Good Woman because it’s the home of my favourite Munro story, “My Mother’s Dream.”  This collection has some of the best ambivalent mother stories, which are nice and controversial for a book club of mums!

For recaps of previous meetings, Kerry’s Vicious Circle summaries are always fantastic. You can read the most recent one here. Alice recaps the TAYMBC meetings over at her fabulous kid/YA column Shelf Candy.  Check out her latest post here.