Saturday night my family had the pleasure of hosting my good friend and fellow blogger Karen Green along with her darling family for a Bobby Flay Throwdown!


Karen decided to cook up her famous meatloaf while I prepared Flay’s version of the recipe. We let the kids run wild while we drank beer, I mean toiled in the kitchen. 


Both dishes came out of the oven looking beautiful (note the nice crusty topping on each) and we were both proud of our efforts.  But, according to the Throwdown rules, we had to turn the judging over to our families.




The girls mostly ate fries and salad, but Karen won their vote.




Owen took the Throwdown concept a little too literally. All of his meatloaf went on the floor.




But in the end, the adults unanimously choose Flay’s recipe as the favourite.  Having three different kinds of meat definitely helped. And we all loved the balsamic glaze.


Winner: Bobby Flay’s Roasted Vegetable Meatloaf with Balsamic Glaze (pictured right)