I’ve read two books recently that really shook the mother part of me. This Ain’t Your Mother’s Book Club’s doing Lionel Shriver’s We Need to Talk About Kevin this month. What a great choice for a club entirely comprised of parents. This is a book that keeps you awake at night, and raises all sorts of interesting questions about reliable narrators, nature versus nurture, forgiveness, responsibility. I think we’ll be talking for hours about this one, and I am going to bring two bottles of wine this month.  Highly recommend this book.


I also managed to squeeze in Emma Donahue’s Room , which everyone is talking about. It doesn’t disappoint. I worried about reading it on the heels of Kevin, as the premise is equally disturbing. But unlike Kevin, this book is ultimately hopeful and redemptive, and you will be able to sleep at night after reading it. I also worried about the book being narrated by a child the age of my daughter. I thought Donahue would either write realistically, and it would be painful to read after a while, or it would be unbelievable. She manages to find a perfect balance between capturing the language of a young child, without it being distracting.  Highly recommend this one too.  Check out this excellent trailer:



Now it’s time for something a little lighter. A couple of my friends are asking on Twitter for something “happy” to read.  Can anyone suggest something?