This is my last update from SFU.?? Sales conference is in a few hours and we???re going to sell the shit out of our fabulous list.?? I???ve said it before, but the list really does feel real. I find myself talking about how a book kept me up all night, and I almost believe it myself!

The program has been fantastic, and I???ve learned lots. Doing P&Ls has been a huge eye-opener for me.?? Our list is far more commercial than I ever would have thought going in, and it???s because we decided from the beginning that we wanted to keep the lights on.?? So we ended up with a wide range of titles, from a big blockbuster, to our quirky underdog, Sticking Needles in Kittens (you wouldn???t believe how we fought for this title!)

Doing covers was so much fun. A team of 3 designers had just a couple of days to turn around 28 covers! They did an amazing job.?? I will post ours in a few days.

Tonight we???ll be rewarded for our hard work with a boat cruise in the harbour. There???s a big fireworks competition going on right now and we???ll have a spectacular view. We???re all picking up extra booze, so there???s no chance of running dry. It should be a fine finish to an intense two weeks.