Hey, I finally managed to read something! Actually, I have two more recommendations coming, but the books don???t go on sale until next week so I???ll wait until then. In the meantime, I will rave about Sarah Selecky???s yummy collection of short stories, This Cake Is for the Party.


With realistic, flawed characters, the stories ring so true to me. These people are absolutely real: they pick their teeth at the dinner table, drink too much wine, try to sell products to their friends. Several stories are set in rural Ontario (my background), and I identify with these characters the most. Selecky could be writing about me when her protagonist takes the bus to Toronto to escape a claustrophobic home for the weekend, or when another baby-sits the child of a messed up friend..


Examining themes of friendship, family, appetite and desire, this delicious little book will have you licking up the crumbs.


Challenges: Short Story Reading Challenge?? #4