I picked up Pieces for the Left Hand on Jared Bland’s recommendation (from the Advent Book Blog).  It’s a small, slim volume of 1-2 page stories of American life, grouped thematically by subjects such as Town and Country, Lies and Blame, and Parents and Children. The anecdotes are many things: macabre, gruesome, fantastic, eery, and ironic. Many of them depict the western world’s worst qualities: greed, opportunism, litigiousness. But don’t get me wrong—the stories aren’t entirely negative, and this isn’t a depressing read. It’s like a little box of handmade truffles—rich, surprising, and satisfying. It’s hard to make these stories last. You want to devour them all at once, but that would be wrong.


Check out J. Robert Lennon’s website  (he has some stories online).


Challenges: Short Story Reading Challenge  #2